• Lucy, in development by Italian designers Solenica, offers a way to redirect sunlight into the dark corners of your home.

    No artificial lighting can compete with the actual sun. That's why the Lucy Sunlight Bender doesn't create light.

    She’s the ultimate stylish green tech robot powered by photovoltaic (solar) cells built into her frame.

    What is Lucy?

    Lucy moves sunlight from where it’s wasted to where it’s needed. Completely solar powered and wire free, you can place Lucy anywhere with no installation and she will brighten up any room in your home or office with healthy natural daylight. Lucy is a daylighting system that will let you turn off the artificial lights and see the world with sunlight.

    Sunlight Benefits

    Exposure to sunlight can improve your health, mood and sleep.
    Lucy uses natural sunlight to light up your home.


    Sunlight helps to manage our circadian rhythms giving you better sleep at night and making you alert and productive during the day


    Sunlight helps the production of serotonin - a neurotransmitter dubbed the "happiness hormone" because it keeps our mood in check


    Replacing artificial light with a daylighting system will reduce your energy bill and help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint

    Simple to Setup


    Find a place indoor or outdoor for Lucy to hangout in direct sunlight.


    Use Lucy's built-in pointer to point the sphere where you want sunlight to go.


    Enjoy the effect of redirecting natural sunlight indoors.

    See Lucy in Action

    See the differences between life before Lucy and life after Lucy

    Anatomy of Lucy

    Benefits for Plants

    See the differences between life before Lucy and life after Lucy.
    Your plants will grow up better and stronger

    New Pre-orders will be available this summer at discounts up to 50% off

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