Real Sunlight For Your Indoor Garden

Indoor Plants Are Life

If you have plants in your home or office you know what a big difference they make to your everyday well-being. We’ve known for decades how indoor plants can remove toxins from the air and improve our air quality. But until now it has been difficult, if not impossible, for many of us to have thriving indoor gardens because of a lack of natural light.

Without Caia

With Caia

Caia Gives Real Sunlight

Caia the natural lighting robot illuminates your home with sunshine. For those of us who have always dreamed of a beautiful indoor garden but don’t have the natural light to achieve it, now there’s Caia.

Caia the natural lighting robot helps your indoor habitat thrive. 

Solar Powered

Caia is powered by the sunlight she reflects. No external energy source required! It also means she’s portable-no cords hanging off or outlets required.

Light Responsive Algorithm

Just ‘point’ Caia towards where you want to redirect sunshine. Her proprietary algorithm measures light intensity values to position her at the correct angle to illuminate your chosen destination.

Smart Mirror Mechanism

As the sun moves through the sky, Caia’s mechanism makes micro adjustments to the mirror position. Long term and low maintenance, she will brighten your home or office with natural light all day long.

NEW! Wifi & Weather Station Module


We are about to release Caia’s Wifi & Weather Station module! This unique add-on allows you to remotely adjust Caia’s position, perfect for targeting different indoor plants. It also acts as a mini local weather station, giving you the UV Index, sun brightness, humidity AND temperature in the local area around your home!