Blue sky thinking requires a little sunlight.

Did you know that…

Environment Affects Productivity

63 billion dollars are lost per year in the USA alone due to low employee productivity. Physical environment is ranked in the top 3 of complaints about workplace productivity issues.

Artificial Light Is A Health Concern

And fluorescents, the lighting implemented in most offices around the world, are some of the worst. Fluorescents are associated with eye strain, make it harder for your eyes to focus, and can even be a migraine headache trigger. Ouch! 

Sunlight Saves You Money

And not only in the way you think. Lower electricity bills are all well and good, but more natural light also increases employee concentration, decreases job stress, and even makes people less likely to quit! A hardworking, confident, and loyal work force? Yes please!

Introducing Caia

Traditional natural lighting solutions are extremely expensive and often not feasible for large or multi-storied buildings. Introducing Caia, the natural lighting robot that requires no professional installation. Each Caia unit can light up to 50 square meters / 500 square feet on a sunny day, and she’s solar-powered so she can be placed anywhere.

Custom Corporate Solutions

Every building is different and requires a different approach. For corporate projects we do individual assessments based on your needs. We even come to you!

Caia would have been an excellent lighting solution in my San Francisco Hospital Designs. Natural light is difficult, if not impossible, to design into every room in a large building – Caia solves that problem. I think she’s a great natural lighting option for hospitals, dental offices, office buildings, or residential. I have even ordered two for myself.

Beverly Garrity

Commercial & Residential Designer, San Francisco Bay Area

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