How Caia Works

Caia the natural lighting robot illuminates your home or office
with all natural sunshine.

Solar Powered

Caia is powered by the sunlight she reflects. No external energy source required! It also means she’s portable-no cords hanging off or outlets required.

Light Responsive Algorithm

Just ‘point’ Caia towards where you want to redirect sunshine. Her proprietary algorithm measures light intensity values to position her at the correct angle to illuminate your chosen destination.

Smart Mirror Mechanism

As the sun moves through the sky, Caia’s mechanism makes micro adjustments to the mirror position. Long term and low maintenance, she will brighten your home or office with natural light all day long.

What a bright Idea!

Caia works to bring sunshine to your space and looks good doing it. She finds the sun, remembers where to point it and keeps it there all day long to keep your space bright and light. With italian design, she fits right into your city apartment or modern home. 

Bright as 13 Lightbulbs

10,000 Lumens means Caia can brighten your room with enough redirected sunlight to equal 13 lightbulbs. Think of the energy savings

Can Fill a Tiny House with Light

Caia fills a space of 500 ft2 / 46.45mThis beautiful bot is powerful. It can illuminate a space filling the size of
most tiny homes.

Sends Light 1/3 of a Soccer field

Caia sends feet up to 100 ft / 33.33m. She can send light 1/3 the distance of a professional football/soccer field. That’s quite a distance.

Caia specifications:

Mirror diameter 36cm
Weight 3.1Kg
Material Metal / plastic
Overall dimensions 52cm span, 65cm height, 48cm depth
Folded dimensions 52cm x 54cm x 15cm
Battery 400mAh, 3.6V NiMH

It just takes one touch to make your day brighter!

What is special about Caia?

Caia is a residential heliostat. Heliostats have been around for some time and they are used in various applictions like daylighting and power generation. However, existing heliostats are large, expensive and require permanent installation. Bottom line, not suitable for residential use.

We created Caia for use at people’s homes, and we designed her from scratch just for this purpose.

Who makes Caia special?

Our incredible robotics engineering team, of course! With experience at the European Space Agency, Singularity University, and Cambridge, they are working day and night on Caia so she’s ready to illuminate your home or office.